Terms and conditions

1. Terms of payment

An advance payment of 10% (always at least €50) of the total cost of the reservation is charged for groups upon reservation.

The reservation must be paid 7 days before arrival at the latest in a verifiable way.

2. Terms of cancellation for groups

Cancellation of the entire group

The entire group reservation can be cancelled 28 days before the booked time of accommodation without an additional charge. Should the number of group members be reduced by 50 percent due to cancellation, such partial cancellation of a group reservation is deemed a cancellation of the entire group.

Partial group cancellations

When the total number of group members who cancel their reservation is less than 50% of the original number of members, the cancellation is deemed a partial group cancellation.

Terms of cancellation

All cancellations, partial cancellations included, must be made in writing.